Saturday, November 27, 2010

Interior Spaces

Displayed as Mixed Media Mount, 1 of 3


Garter Belt

Orchid 1

Orchid 2

Images from a show I had with Angelina McCormick at La Petite Mort Gallery last night. The flowers and under things were shot with a Polaroid Bigshot portrait camera. The B&W I shot with a Hassleblad.
Mixed media mounts include original Polaroids, wood, epoxy, acrylic paint, and nails. The B&W prints were shown as silver gelatin prints produced by a paper negative.

"These photographs are artifacts of our emotional provocation tinged by fragility and doubt, and counterbalanced by our formal rigor and control. They play with and explore our need to make something physical and tactile. They are based on spaces, which dwell in our mind - our memory, fantasy, and reality. It is our expression of our relationship within the world we live."
(words By Angelina- visit her site